Concrete necklace 5CB45

Concrete short chain 5CB45

Material: Light Concrete, Silver 925 (arezzo, Italia)
Cube Dimensions: 10x10x10mm & 6x6x6mm [0,39×0,39×0,39 inches & 0,24×0,24×0,24 inches]
Standard lenght: 45cm [17,7 inches]


The concrete is waterproof through finishing and sealing with special natural waxes.
In contact with skin, moisture and air, concrete becomes darker, shinier and harder over time.

HANDMADE PRODUCT, Small Series Production.
All the objects are exquisitely handmade one piece at a time, in full respect of the worker conditions, ecological enviroment, and sustainable economy for small businesses.
There may be slight imperfections.
The pieces have small variences that add to them more character.

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