Porcelain necklace TERRA

modern porcelain necklace mod. TERRA
from the porcelain jewellery collection SATELLITE
manufactured and distributed by ORTOGONALE.

Limited Edition

45gr. | The sphere is empty inside.
Balls dimensions: ø 4cm [1,57 inches] c.ca.

Place of design: Irpinia / Italia
Place of production: Berlin / Germany @ STUDIO MONDOCUBO

matt porcelain Limoges (France), firing 1250°
High quality stainless steel wire,
Precision bajonet clasp made of stainless steel*

*Precision bayonet is a very secure generation of clasps.
push and twist mechanism as the same action as opening a child-proof medicine jar. push in and turn to release.
Practice does make the connecting process easier.

Productive process: Handmade casting technique in handmade chalk moulds; drilling, grinding by hand. Firing: 1250°. Packaging by hand.
Designed by: Arch. Rossella Flammia & Paolo Picone (STUDIO MONDOCUBO)

HANDMADE PRODUCT – Small series production!
All the porcelain jewelry SATELLITE collection are exquisitely handmade one piece at a time, in full respect of the worker conditions, ecological enviroment, and sustainable economy for small businesses. There may be slight imperfections and some pieces may have slight dzifferences.