ORTOGONALE is a small series and limited edition contemporary craft brand born in 2014 between Italy and Berlin by the duo Rossella Flammia and Paolo Picone as a branch of Studio Mondocubo. ORTOGONALE is the synthesis between design and manual skills, architecture and craftsmanship, between the theory of Vitruvius acquired with the architectural studies at Federico II University in Naples, and the practice of craftsmanship acquired thanks to experience in the family workshops.
The need, after years of cad and computer, of a design process hands-on, in contact with materials, in 1:1 scale. From praxis to theory, therefore, through a process that realizes its design reference into the manufacturing techniques, into “work”, and which finds in the support to the real economy, small businesses, the safeguarding of crafts in extinction, a political reason too. “Joy in labor” wrote William Morris more than a hundred years ago, a re-appropriation through manual work and craftsmanship of rhythms, more appropriate and more sustainable lifestyles, and a greater consciousness about the resources and the products.

Material and materiality, environmental sustainability, crafts, tradition in its meaning of “changing” and “looking ahead”, rituals and human-object interaction, are the basis of ORTOGONALE’s thinking.
Design, we believe, does not serve to make our life more comfortable, but more aware, and we hope sometimes happier.

Rossella & Paolo