Quinto Quarto

quinto quarto dinnerware collection by ORTOGONALE

Quinto Quarto (“Fifth Quarter” in english) is a collection of dinnerware and porcelain food supports made through the molding of the animal caul fat, the omentum, based on the themes of critical and aware consumption of food resources and specifically animal resources.

“Fifth quarter” in the slaughter terminology is the name of the leftover part of the animal cuts. Four are the noble cuts of the animals, and the fifth part is the waste material, those parts with strongest flavors, and the most repellent at the sight. Those animal parts that have hurted from ancient times more than any other the collective sensibility.

quinto quarto dinnerware collection by ORTOGONALE

“Et Voilà, Les Enterilles, Magnatevelle!”
shouted with disgust the frenchified neapolitan cooks of the Angevin House while throwing by the windows of royal palace the animal waste, the “quinto quarto”, to the poor people.
An extremely delicate and symbolic material, that allows us to speak about food waste and animal ethics, and at the same time about social inequalities, and consequently, issues of social identities.

Mother and children turn their gaze away during the pig slaughter.
From the movie “L’albero degli Zoccoli” by Ermanno Olmi, 1978

“Food hides thought systems, but we must not reduce the thought to the choise of a menu”
[F. La Cecla]

productive process

All the products of Quinto Quarto collection are made through the molding of the pork bowels in chalk molds,
and reproduced in porcelain through casting technique.
Glazing internally only, leaving naked matt porcelain on the external surfaces in contact with the hands,
giving also to the objects a tactile experience.

Material: Limoges porcelain, transparent glaze
1260 °

Diego De Dominicis

Very special thanks (and love) to:
Dimitri Grassi & Capetoste
Marco Santamaria & all the guys, and kids, of Il Rassecale social farm
Federico Iadarola & Annibale Sepe

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Designed & manufactured by
Rossella Flammia & Paolo Picone
ORTOGONALE (Ex-Studio Mondocubo)
Carife, Italia – 2022